Tourist center Lazar

The campsite Lazar is situated alongside the emerald river Soča, not far away from the historic town of Kobarid. This area is a unique junction of three valleys, three cultures and two geographical provinces, where unspoiled savangeness of mountains fuses with the mellow Mediterranean climate and the way of living.

This combination is also reflected in the atmosphere of the campsite, where you can sip your morning cappuccino in our bar while enjoying the view of high mountain slopes and listen to the murmur of the clear river.


Campsite with 200 spaces and 50 parking spaces adapted for disabled people
2 stars
5x Double bed room
1 stars
1x Apartment with one room
1 stars
  • Company name: TURISTIČNI CENTER LAZAR d.o.o.
  • Address: TRNOVO OB SOČI 1B ZIP code 5222 KOBARID
  • Registration number: 6823149000
  • Tax number: SI43062601