Sport activities

In the vicinity of the campsite and the town of Kobarid you can visit a number of natural and cultural attractions and take part in different recreational and relaxation activities. Kobarid is a small but interesting town where you can buy all you need during your stay and do all your errands. It is most famous for its delicous food and the World War I museum. A popular summer activity for tourists and locals alike is bathing in the small river Nadiža, only 5 km away from the campsite.

The crystal clear Nadiža river has a healing effect on the skin due to its mineral content and is, most importantly, very warm, so the children can bathe in it for hours. From Kobarid the roads lead to all directions and countless places of interest. The campsite staff will be happy to give you useful advice. There’s also an excellent tourist office in Kobarid that will provide you with any kind of information you may seek.

Emerald green rapids of the Soca river conjure up an unforgettable good time and in a raft a whole group of people can have fun! Rafting is still the most popular way of releasing adrenalin on the Soca river, simply because it’s suitable for beginners.

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